Initial Interest Meeting – all invited

Sunday, September 19th, at 12:30 pm, in Multi-Purpose room at Zion Lutheran Church, 412 Jackson Street we will have a meeting for all those interested in learning more about this exciting 2023 adventure. Questions will be answered, destinations will be explored, opportunities to connect over these next two years will be shared as well.

Our hope is to grow a crew that knows each other well and shares life during the lead up to the trip in 2023. This is the first of what may be many opportunities to connect with the crew heading to the Holy Land. Socially we will gather and get to know each other better. Theologically we will study the scriptures and learn more about the places we will visit. And geographically we will all get a better understanding of the hows and whys of Jesus travels in Israel.

Please join us live and in person. If you are not able to join us here in Marengo, we will also have a Zoom link available as well. Contact the church office or any one of the three pastors for the Zoom link.


Published by revg1964

As an associate pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Marengo the thing I love most is seeing God at work in, with, and through His people. Spreading His love, sharing the joy of the gospel, and bringing the comfort of the Holy Spirit are all things that find me in my sweet spot.

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