Fellowship Meeting Coming Soon

It is hard to believe that in less than a year now we will experience together the trip of a lifetime. The bible says, “Immediately, Jesus and His disciples went…”, and, “They followed Him to…” and then, “He took them to…” and, “He told them to go to the other side…”

The Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, the River Jordan, Jerusalem and so many other places we will travel too as a part of this tour. We will sing hymns, share Holy Communion, and, perhaps weep together as we think on the work Jesus did for us both in time and in eternity.

A gathering is being planned at Pastor Galligar’s home for all those who have signed up, and for those who are interested, but have not yet sent in their application and deposit. The date is yet to be determined, but please email Pastor to let him know of your interest if you haven’t yet sent in your application. pastor.galligar@zionmarengo.net.

This tour is designed to deepen your faith, to fill in some gaps perhaps in your biblical knowledge, and to give you a firsthand experience in the land where Jesus walked. We pray we will be drawn closer to Christ in love as we walk together through His Holy Land.

Published by revg1964

As an associate pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Marengo the thing I love most is seeing God at work in, with, and through His people. Spreading His love, sharing the joy of the gospel, and bringing the comfort of the Holy Spirit are all things that find me in my sweet spot.

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