Meeting Scheduled – Deadlines coming

Are you getting as excited as we are? Gina and I are both amazed at how quickly the trip is coming up. We leave in a little over 100 days for Israel!!! So a few things to share – first, another fellowship/information meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 5th, at 12:00 noon. This meeting willContinue reading “Meeting Scheduled – Deadlines coming”

Fellowship Meeting Coming Soon

It is hard to believe that in less than a year now we will experience together the trip of a lifetime. The bible says, “Immediately, Jesus and His disciples went…”, and, “They followed Him to…” and then, “He took them to…” and, “He told them to go to the other side…” The Sea of Galilee,Continue reading “Fellowship Meeting Coming Soon”

Holy Week in the Holy Land

Lent and the time leading up to Holy Week is always a favorite time of year. This year I thought about those who were currently traveling in the Holy Land during Holy Week. Walking along the road to Jerusalem, standing outside the house of Pilate, looking upon the remains of the temple in the city,Continue reading “Holy Week in the Holy Land”

Initial Interest Meeting – all invited

Sunday, September 19th, at 12:30 pm, in Multi-Purpose room at Zion Lutheran Church, 412 Jackson Street we will have a meeting for all those interested in learning more about this exciting 2023 adventure. Questions will be answered, destinations will be explored, opportunities to connect over these next two years will be shared as well. OurContinue reading “Initial Interest Meeting – all invited”

Join us for worship and more info August 15th

Sunday, August 15th, all three pastors will be at the worship service at 9 am, outside at St. John’s in Union. Following service we will be passing out brochures and inviting everyone with an interest to join us for a meeting on September 19th. Join us for worship at 9 am, and following worship forContinue reading “Join us for worship and more info August 15th”

Early Bird Savings for Early Registration

Registrations are coming in for the Holy Land Tour in 2023. Imagine Tours & Travel has set it up so that with registrations received with the initial deposit of $500 prior to November 30th, 2021, the rate is reduced by $150. More information is available on the registration form which is available here on theContinue reading “Early Bird Savings for Early Registration”

Interest is beginning…

We announced the tour to Israel to both congregations the weekend of June 20th, 2021. Brochures have been getting picked up and regular conversations are being had. Questions like, “Would this trip be appropriate for my children to come on?” or “When will we have our first meeting regarding the trip?” The answer to theContinue reading “Interest is beginning…”